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Thank you - I have contact the expert.  Take care, Sus
Hi again - where do I find "theme support"? 
Hi there - Thanks for your response. In my previous theme I was able to customize myself and updating the proper CSS and Java csript (it was a very old theme) but I will also reach you to theme support and find out how they can help provide a code sn...
Hi Richard, I have the same issue as Dv18 but can't resolve it using your solutions. I just purchased the Empire theme so I could upgrade my site from "supply" to the new one (for better functionality) and can't find a bas.css file in the code areas....
Hi Shopify support teams,I just published the new EMPIRE theme that I purchased a week ago. I went from SUPPLY to EMPIRE. I thought I could go into dmin area and fix this problem, but I am not able to.  I sell a products that has MANY color variants ...
Hi Stacy, I just purchased a new theme to my Shopify store and appreciate your feedback. I have also heard ...but not sure..that I will loose my Google Analytics when updating to a new theme. Is that true?  Is there any support for specific themes? I...
My Online Shopify store was just removed with ZERO warning. I have worked as a corporate web content developer and managened many CMS websites. If the CMS had any legal issues we would get a notice/warning, but NEVER did they just take a website offl...
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