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Thank you for your response! I will try if it works!
Hi there,I'd like to install GTM on my Shopify store, but I've encountered an issue. I can't locate the <body> tag in my theme.liquid code, making it difficult for me to determine where to insert the following code (as per GTM's guide, it needs to be...
Thank you so much. It works!
Sure! My store is still under password protected. Please enter with the password "realpower123".
Hello, could someone kindly guide me on placing the button with a white background above the location to the right of the button with a green background, and also be the same size as the green one? The theme in use is Ella. Thank you. 
It looks like this. There is nothing displayed under the tab of "Dog Food Formula Comparison (ドックフードフォーミュラ比較)".There are contents displayed under other tabs and I am using the same script.  
Hi, I created tabs on the product page using HTML at the back end of "product". The button for "Dog Food Formula Comparison" (ドックフードフォーミュラ比較) is displaying correctly, but the content of the tab is not showing. Can you please help me?The HTML script I...
Hi everyone, I have come into a trouble that there is a bunch of codes showed on the shipping policy box during check out page. Can somebody tell me where can I delete these codes? I have attached the screenshot below. Thank you.
Hi @techlyser_web I have just made it! It turns out that I only have to change the "color price" from the setting of "general". Thank you for your quick reply though!
Here is the area I want to change.
Can someone tell me how to change the white colored font on my Shopify store. The theme I’m using is Ella. I put a red box around the areas I need help with. Thank you so much! 
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