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I have 100% added this, i had just tried again and it still hasn't worked.
It is in the footer of every page
Hi,I am trying to change the "follow on shop" button to match my companies branding.I am trying to change it so the background is #ff7f00 and the text and boarder are both black. Alternatively the background colour be changed to #005900 to match the ...
Hi,I have inputted my own custom HTML at the bottom of the page underneath the footer but i am unable to make this the same width as the footer:site: Ashbrook Roofing Supplies LTD ( yeothu Thanks in advance
Hi, im trying to change the colour of the text within the megamenu. I have tried changing the colour through the CSS but it is changing other aspects on the header which do not need to be altered.Pic for reference. Site link: Ashbrook Roofing Supplie...
Thankyou for the above, i have tried to apply a CSS to round the bottom two corners, however this has not worked. Can you also look into that for me please?
URL: Ashbrook Roofing Supplies LTD ( yeothu
Hi, I am curious as to whether their is a way to get the green footer to be the same size as the black box above and keep the columns evenly spaced inside the footer: 
Ashbrook Roofing Supplies LTD ( Password: yeothu
Hi,I am wondering if someone could help me by helping me get rid of the white space between the black section and the green section and also making the footer the same size as the black section.My theme is the Empire theme.Additional info: I will als...
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