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Hi, thank you for your feedback.In fact, what I would like to do exactly is retrieve the translationsalready configured in the Translate & Adapt app according to the marketsand then display these in the checkout with a custom text placed inthe *purch...
Hi everyone, Does it possible to get all configured text in Translate & Adapt app through checkout UI extension for different locals depending user location ? Thank you.
Hi everyone, Does it possible the get online store theme settings through Shopify Functions ?How can i do it please. Thank you.
Hi, I want to use checkout ui to display a text under the item in the basket corresponding to target purchase.checkout.block.render [ORDER_SUMMARY4]But when i save my code i'm getting error : Error while updating drafts: Invalid extension point(s) co...
Hi @akshatj I had the same error too, to resolve this problem you need to activate customer protected data access permissions in your app.To do it go to Shopify partner dashboard > select your app > api access > protected customer data and choose acc...
Hi Sebastiandev,Can you add more description of your issue please ?The workflow you are using for redirect to the store. Can you use Ngrok for your local development ?
Hi Susanp, thank you for replying my issue.i can't send the following request because i don't have an access token. To you explain more the problem in give you more details: 1. First i create a custom application via the partner portal, then i config...
Where the difference beetwen Utils::loadCurrentSession method and Context::initialize method Context::initialize( apiKey: $_ENV['SHOPIFY_API_KEY'], apiSecretKey: $_ENV['SHOPIFY_API_SECRET'], scopes: $_ENV['S...
Hey everyone,I'm getting the same issue when i'm trying to use Shopify\Utils::loadCurrentSession from php librairyThere is the used code ... ... $requestHeaders = [ 'api_version' => '2023-04', 'X-Shopify-Access-Token' ...
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