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I want to incerase the saturation of my product page image in my store, suppose it can be done through coding I have disabled the rightclick so you may inter to the inspect via F12 
my website is
I want to increase the saturation color of my products images, any coding?
by pressing F12?
I need my variant named "style" havinf the panel style to be in one row like this. My store is
I have used 2 text marquees on my product page under the 2 prices and my product page is made by pagetifly ( not pagefly)  but these 2 text marquees are so much lagging and it even heats up my phone, I have usde a text marque from ecomposer which is ...
Can someone provide me some coding to make my product page images capable to slide. This is my website  and I am using dawn theme.
I need some help with coding to hide my variants I am using the page builder called pagetifly, Even though I have deletd certain variants on my products the pagetifly app shows that variants and call it as out of stock on the buy now button, when I a...
Well I have removed it but the page builder I am using "pagetifly" stillshows them, when I contact them they say that tey are busy, do you knowcoding? I think coding can do this.
I have already deleted that unavaialble variants but still they are showing, I went for the camouflage they said their app can't do it for me my app owner says he is busing doing some developments on his pageor else the app will crash. is there any w...
For my product page the variants that are not exists are also showing as sold out, I need to remove them, this is my website and this is the product page
So I applied for the one checkout page today as I see that you are letting some merchants to use it and experience it, So I am asking this as a merchant who really need the one checkout page inorder to succeed my store otherwise it have a big chane o...
I found this,able%20to%20print%20the%20screen. Do you have any idea?
but I have seen some websites do not allow, some apps as well
Hello, since I am selling my arts on prints I want to secure my drawing so I got the app called vitals which is allowing me to disable the right click on the page which is good ( currently I have uninstalled it but I will again install it ) but the a...
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