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Hi community! after filling the contact form and sending it, the page reload and autoscroll to the bottom of the page.the confirmation message becomes invisible without you scroll there a way to fix this?by suppressing the autoscroll or by movi...
Hi community!i have a progress bar in my drawer has 3 different steps with values (40€ - 60€ - 80€)for each step there's a free shipping option or a giftwhen i add products it works but when i remove products from my cart, it doesn't work pro...
I used the code and fix you provided. it worked BUT I have now 2 rows of 2 columns instad of 4 columns. any hint on how to fix this?other issue: i can't edit the numbers of columns
it doesn't work
my bad i forget to mention i'm using dawn themehere is the link:
Hi, I'm trying to have the standard email sign-up banner on 2 columnstext on the leftemail field on the rightIs there an easy way to do that?Thanks for the help.
Hi everyone, I'm trying to have two different colors in the same sentence in Dawn theme.i've unsuccessfully tried a <font color=""> in the text input fieldHow can i do that?Thanks for your help
Hi,I'm trying to left-align all texts in my mega menu (sections and sub-section)i can't find where to add the parameterany ideas? site here: thanks.
i don't want to remove that code because it enables some css animations
this option didn't work with my theme tweaks…therefore i had to modify the code
Hello,i've enabled and adjusted the code in order to have a permanent sticky header.but when i scroll down, the header follows the scroll and jumps to become sticky afterwards.any idea what to do to suppress this “jump effect“ and have a 100% sticky ...
It works perfectlythanks!
Hi EBOOST!here is the URL: pwd required)I want the “contact“ button in the header just next to the magnifying glass.i've added “margin-left: 130px;“ but i know it's not correcti've tried a al...
Hello there!i'm trying to do the same thing but i'd like to have this specific button on the right.any suggestions?
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