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Thanks, but the image is 'overflowing' after putting in this code.... any settings to tweak so image size could be dynamic?   
Hi, I tried but it does not change the height of this block. Should we use instead use max_height settings?
Hi,  I would like to know if there is any way to make the "Featured Product" block on Home Page smaller?My current home page looks like this. I would like the "Gift Card" block (Featured Product) to be same height as "Our BestSellers" block (this is ...
Additional Info:The order details are also ONLY AVAILABLE in the base currency Singapore dollars after manual payment method is selected. This will be confusing for my buyers, because they are expecting to pay manually by bank transfer in Malaysian R...
Hi, I am using Shopify Markets for 2 countries (Singapore and Malaysia) and my base currency is Singapore dollars. I am however trying to add manual payment methods for Malaysian buyers like bank transfer since we have a business entity in Malaysia t...
Ooh nice, thanks! However, the current solution only aligns it to center horizontally.Is it possible to make it move to the center vertically? It's not password protected. Thanks!
Hi, I have featured products on each collection. However, I am trying to make the Product Title, Price and "View Full Details" link to be center aligned in that block itself (both horizontally and vertically).How can I do that?Thanks in advance!
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