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We recently started using a third party app that allows us to offer customers the option to pay for shipping protection and carbon offsets.  We have found that adding shipping protection to a cart is counting toward our Free Shipping threshold of $50...
I have a number of products that we have recently created which are presently only available on our point of sale channel. We would like to make them available in our online store on a particular day/time.  Is there a way to schedule an online publis...
That worked. Thank you so much! 
We recently updated our theme and now on the product page near the product price it says "Pay in 4 interest free installments for orders over $50.00 with ShopPay." How do I remove this? I found a Shopify discussion that suggested adding some code, bu...
Hi! Does anyone know why Google assigns their product categories based on Product Type when there's a metafield called mm-google-shopping.google_product_category? What is the purpose of this metafield?  Thanks! 
The fake barcodes are 8 digits long. So in theory, wouldn't a feed rule that says  If content.Api GTIN does not match regular expression ^\d(12,14)$ then clear the GTIN attribute clear those fake 8 digit GTIN's and leave the real ones, which are all ...
We sell a significant number of products for which there are no assigned UPCs. In Shopify, these products have numbers in the Barcode field that are generated by an app called Retail Barcode Labels, which we use to print scannable price labels for PO...
Thank you - yes! I posted that question and then realized I already had the expression. However, how do I modify the "Identifier Exists" feed rule so that anything without a 12-14 GTIN is set to "no" and anything with a 12-14 GTIN is set to "yes"? I ...
Got it. Thanks again! I'm working on those feed rules and I have a follow up question. We have some products in Merchant Center which have a GTIN but have Identifier Exists set to false. If I wanted to create an additional feed rule that would switch...
Thank you for this!  Regarding the categories, we use Product Type in Shopify for broader grouping of products and our pick list app groups items based on this field, so unfortunately we do not use very detailed categories in this field and that must...
I am having a terrible time entering Google Custom Product and Google Shopping Product Category on my products. It used to be that I could enter this information directly from the Product page as I was creating a new product (by selecting Google Fiel...
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