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Hello, my website is I am adding the gift card as feautured product and I would like to add withing the feautured product section a text block. The idea is to widen the ext block to go above the picture and the title, replacing the ri...
Sorry for late reply. I am using Dawn Theme 
I know that. I thought someone could help me with the code needed here.
Hello, thanks for your kind reply.I didn't quite understand what I should do  
Hello. I am quite new and wanted to get some help on a basic issue. I would like to have shown when clicking on a product the cheapest variant among the whole. I sell shoes, so re-ordering variant based on price is not ideal since it would be so mess...
hi @SideNode If you could help me with custom thread text, it'd be super!I will give it like and solution later for sure! You have been of great help
Sweeeet! It worked! May I ask you how to align text below product in product page? I crwated a custom liquid for that text, it isnt the product description field. 
Also, on mobile devices it didnt change at all. I have a CSS code in the them editor for this section, maybe it could be the reason for this.code here:h1 {font-size: 30px !important;}.price--large {font-size: 30px !important;text-align: center;}
It worked! sadly partly, because there are the last 2 lines that are still on the left 
Hello, thank you! 
Hello,I would like to ask for help regarding an issue. I would love to have the text on this featured product "La nuova arrivata" way bigger and aligned at center. Also, I would like to have the "Visualizza" on the center as well and prices a little ...
Hello,  I am completing my website and I noticed that collections pictures are weird on iPhone devices. Can anyone help me?
it is iPhone X, what are you using?For me on desktop it is all fine, but on iPhone it looks like that
I would like, if possible, to have all pictures the same size as the ones for the items on sale, and maybe have the "In offerta" badge a little smaller.
If you go on your phone down on the homepage, you will see that the images for all the collections are different for on sale product and normal product. Is there a way to make all pictures even (preferably bigger like the ones for the items on sale)....
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