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what's your website url?
Hey! I hope your doing well. we took a look at your site and the reason why it's not converting is as it seems due to the lack of content. On your site it's just your products, that's it. Not much content to it. Hence it's lacking quite bad and not d...
Hey mate, we'd love to give you a free consultation on why your site's lacking mate. Let me know!
Give our team a call, and we'll have someone review ur site for free don't worry.
It's free lol.
Hey Bwaters! So if your marketing is good, most likely it means the issue could be with the site. Let me know if you'd like an account manager to give you a free consultation on why your site's lacking! Cheers.
If you want, we'd love to give a free consultation on where your site lacks mate? 
hey so i took a look at your site, and i think what you're struggling with is a low converting site due to the lack of content on your site. When i take a look, it seems you only have products on your home page/landing page. That's it. Not much done....
Sure, give us a text first and we'll schedule one 
Ahh yeah we'd have to check it out in detail then. 
Feel free to give our team a call by the way, we can offer you a free consultation and give you some tips & tricks/pointers to help you out on the ads
How'd you set the campaign up my friend? Maybe there's something with the campaign? 
Hey!  So in my opinion, what needs to be done is you need to focus on redesigning and optimizing your site for conversions. Looking at your website. It could definitely use some work, so i'd highly reccomend you to work on your landing page and the c...
If you're running any paid ads on facebook etc, perhaps your campaign isnt setup well hence it's driving low quality traffic from other countries?
Hey hey! I hope you're doing well PawsNplays. I took a look at your site and while it's not bad i think you should stick to a one product store? and find a winning product then build a store towards that product instead. Because with general stores a...
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