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Right here, you're probably wanting to retrieve the image of the product and overlay it when user performs an action right?This really needs more than css. I would need to see your store and know how you're going to :-trigger the overlay and remove i...
Hello Jasonthegrammy . So sorry, I rather said "theme pubisled"Since I fooled you, let's make sure you're pleased at the endFirst, ensure that the theme you have edited in the customizer is the current published theme.If it's the published one and th...
Hello back !Here is how you can achieve thisIf liquid handle doesn't help you, you can use javascript and retrieve the slug of the current page. Then catch and check if you're on hire-the-look collection pageAdd the following script in the file theme...
Hello there! Tou may try with the .price-list class and ensure your liquid is clean 
HelloCan you make sure the store is the currently published and that you've properly saved your changes?
Can you send me an url of your current page?I have to see  your html structure and where exactly you're applying the overlay
How did you add your overlay?If you wrote the CSS yourself, you might have to specify your classes more accurately Does it help you?Did you make it another way? 
Bonsoir, vraiment désolé de vous répondre si tardJ'essaierai d'être plus régulier Pour ce qui est du tracking, le meilleur outil que je puisse vous proposer est Google AnalyticsEn premier lieu vous aurez un bon référencement naturel si vous configure...
Hello AceOfGoldIn my view, all is fine on your store, maybe I didn't take accurate lookCould you tell me which update is missing by example? (screenshoot may help)Are your updates related to translations ?Maybe you have to setup them for other langua...
HelloCela depend vraiment de ce que vous vendez Pour une boutique mono-produit par exemple je vous recommande le thème  OriginSinon, Sense, Crave ou Refresh feront l'affaireCela dépend vraiment de ce que vous voulez Vous pouvez définir votre charte g...
HelloEn premier lieu quel type de boutique est-ce?Si c'est une boutique classique pour laquelle vous avez payé un abonnement, essayez avec un thème différent.Si c'est une boutique partenaire, une boutique en développement,  êtes-vous sûr d'avoir tous...
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