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You could try out this DIY tutorial: Note that it's only been tested on the free Shopify themes, but it may still work for your theme.
Hi! Author of the code you pasted here from my cart progress bar video:'m glad that it has partially helped you, but the code was designed for the free Shopify themes (ex: Dawn, Refresh, etc), so it won't work as instruc...
You can try this breadcrumbs solution: uses a dedicated menu (doesn't have to be the navigation menu live on your store) to build out exactly how you want your breadcrumbs to look, so you can include/exclude the collect...
You can do this with a bulk editing app like Matrixify. With the number of products you have, you'll need to pay for one of their premium plans, but you can cancel it when you're done.There probably are other apps that can modify metafields in bulk, ...
Instead of global.js, try looking in media-gallery.js instead.
Did you try their tutorial? Many of the free Shopify themes have a very similar code base, so I would guess that it could still work with Spotlight even thought the example is with Dawn. If it doesn't work for you, you could also try this tutorial: h...
I see, ok. I've never worked with that theme so here's some general troubleshooting things you can try to help narrow in on your problem:Can you try to set a static page instead of it being dynamic through metafilds?If you define the page directly an...
Did you add any custom code to your theme, and if not, what theme are you using?The settings for the "Size Chart Button" are not standard with the Shopify free themes, so the issue may be something about your theme.
The video explains the process pretty well, so it's possible you might have made a mistake in one of the steps.Here's a checklist of some things to check that were covered in the video:1. Is your size chart page showing properly? You can go to the pa...
As far as I know, Shopify does not natively support "product parts". You generally need MRP/ERP software to handle this type of situation, where you can break your products down into their component parts (ie. bill of materials). In your case, it sou...
It looks like you want to add icons to your product page.  You can use the built in "icon with text" block in Shopify. While it's not exactly the same format as what you shared in your image, they can serve a very similar function.  You can go to the...
If you don't want any of the badges (sale badge and sold out badge), then you can to go main-product.liquid, find this code under the {%- when 'price' -%} line and change show_badges to false.  But if you still want to keep the sold out badge and onl...
One workaround I ended up using was to create multiple different codes that will handle the different quantities that could be in the cart.So for example:MEMBERCODE1: Buy Membership, Get 1 product in ALL Collection 20% offMEMBERCODE2: Buy Membership,...
If you're comfortable with making theme code edits, another option can be to add this section yourself. This tutorial should help with that: I hope this helps!
You can add dynamic icons with this tutorial: I hope this helps!
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