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it cancel by website not by shopify so contact them and place a new order and what did you buy 
very frustrated situation for big store and we have made a loss of 50k due to chargeback we got because of this delay customer think store is lying and open chargeback and refund issue and cb come we are really made for this send email here
please paste the website link here and also how did you pay with paypal or card 
just contact them on twitter or email them to there legal team to get help
try to use different device or browser may me some issue with your system 
there team focus on profit that why
you will get payout in 6 month and why they suspend your business paster your shopify store link once let me check
you can use stripe india
did you contact shopify and are you using shopify payment and you received any high risk order 
check with support did you violate any terms and how much balance in your store shopify will hold for 6 month and then pay to you
just go with few product and your website look to heavy just remove tht discount offer and other and then improve your campaign 
your website not complete see the policy pages and also i suggest you to go for a single product which is in trend and offer good price and see your campaign are you doing right keywords and countries your target
I have question about refund limit actually we sales software and got some major bug in it and we need time to fix it . We told our customer that we will refund them and later once bug solve which can take a month then they can pay us again. But issu...
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