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Hi, I have the Privacy & Compliance App enabled on my site. Since updating to Dawn v12 the cookie acceptance dialogue box keeps popping up on phone and tablet. Even when 'Accept' is clicked it appears again when you navigate to another page. Strangel...
Hi, I'm not able to update my Dawn them to version 12. The option is not there and I get the message: Updates are not supported for uploaded themesIf you want to take advantage of theme updates, you need to install a theme from theTheme store. The th...
That worked a treat. Thank you.
Hi, Please could someone help me remove these thin grey borders that are showing on images on my blog post. The URL is Many thanks.
Perfect. Thanks so much, that's a big help.
That page isn't published yet. However, the same is occuring on the homepage of   
Thanks for your reply. It's this gap I'm trying to remove.
Hi,I'm try to find a way to remove the padding/margin between the top of the columns and the boundary of the multicolumn section in Dawn. Can this be done by adding custom css to the template? Please see the couple of screenshots below.  The URL is w...
Thank you both for your responses.Meteor Menu is an app that I'm using and I don't see the .js in the 'Edit Code' section. I have been in touch with the developer and they have said that its a bug in their app and they're working on a fix.
Hi, I'm having an issue where the menu/layout isn't displaying correctly on an iPad. The URL is The issue is that some pages are showing the hamburger menu (which I am happy with) and others are showing the full desktop menu. ...
Hi, Yes its and the password is ahlday Many Thanks
Hi, I would like to be able to center the individual footer menus in the Dawn theme so that they appear like the screenshot attached. Please could somebody give me some pointers on how to achieve this. Many Thanks
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