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I figured it out. This is what I needed to add to the custom CSS. .rich-text {background: #aeab5b;}
That didn't work. Thanks for trying though.
I only want to make the change to one particular blog post template. Is it not possible to use the Custom CSS?
Not to worry. Somebody has already explained. Thanks any way.
Hi, Please could somebody tell me how I can change the background colour of a rich text section using Custom CSS. In the attached I would like to change the pink to a different colour, but I have used the 21 available Colour schemes in the Dawn theme...
That worked perfectly. Thank you.
Yes, please.
Hi, Please can someone help. I have inserted a single column multicolumn section so I can add an image to a blog post template, however I am unable to get it to take up the same width as the rest of the template. Please can someone explain how I can ...
Many thanks Richard. That did the trick!
Hi, We are looking to do the same. Did you get anywhere with this? Many thanks.
Hi Richard, Thanks for your reply This changes both the desktop and the mobile layout (making the desktop layout text too small). Ideally I'd like the change that you suggested to just alter the mobile layout. Is that possible? Many thanks.
I have an image banner with some text in it on my Dawn theme site. The text looks good on the desktop layout but when I view on a phone it reflows and looks wrong. Is there a way to have a different/smaller text size for the mobile layout but keep th...
Hi, I have the Privacy & Compliance App enabled on my site. Since updating to Dawn v12 the cookie acceptance dialogue box keeps popping up on phone and tablet. Even when 'Accept' is clicked it appears again when you navigate to another page. Strangel...
Hi, I'm not able to update my Dawn them to version 12. The option is not there and I get the message: Updates are not supported for uploaded themesIf you want to take advantage of theme updates, you need to install a theme from theTheme store. The th...
That worked a treat. Thank you.
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