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I have the swipe on mobile feature on. How do i change the arrows to dots instead?
Thank you this did it ! I also would like to know how would I do the same for the image with banner section
DAWN THEME: How do i fix the padding on mobile view only? I like how my desktop view looks but for mobile, the heading and body of things seem to condense, i would like for the writing to be spreaded out a bit more and aligned better if that make sen...
which css file? please be specific and thank you!
my app is product reviews. I would like to remove the starts and "no reviews" from products when their are no reviews. how do I do this? 
thank you! I was having a major brain fart lol ! 
its right here right now
@GemPages where do we put this code? 
the "all rights reserved" doesn't work.  I duplicated my theme and put the code in assets > base.css 
What code I use to "hide" the last two sections in the custom.liquid section and where do I put it?  Do I put it in custom CSS when I make the custom liquid or do I go into a specific folder when editing the code for the whole theme?  
Im looking for a coding solution if applicable. im fine with the theme i have. 
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