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Thank you for your response. I am new, can you elaborate? Where is the message popup? and how do you create a funnel?
Thank you, the cursor is now working, however, the label of the field superimposes the entered text, making it hard to review. See Screenshothttps://prnt.sc/qhOg5RmhJysM
I need to find the widget that pops up and offers a 15% discount for first-time visitors/buyers?How can I do that
We are having issues with the login/register pages https://prnt.sc/s4Arnn8hBjWM https://hecandi.com/account/login AND https://hecandi.com/account/registerIf you are trying to create an account or just login, we are unable to have our mouse cursor in ...
Oh my goodness it worked, thank you for helping me out with this. Have an awesome day!
Ummm, I have added the code in the theme css and nothing has changed.see screenshot.https://prnt.sc/FhPYdeqbtZae I also searched for style.css and styles.css and nothing came upI appreciate your help 
Thank you, I looked for the style.css in the assets folder and only could find the custom.css and theme.css.ANy idea where I can find it?https://prnt.sc/vqaPNaO0J9b9
My register page layout needs to be fixed and I am trying to figure out how to fix it.The fields are somewhat on top of one another making it difficult for the customer to register/login https://hecandi.com/account/registerAny insight would be apprec...
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