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Thank you for your time to help me, I really appreciate it. I do have to admit that I am surprised, actually have a hard time accepting that in 2023 one of the most used themes on the biggest ecommerce store platform I need to write css code for ever...
Unfortunately, the weird change I described in my last response did not affect mobile - which means that applying your solution completely ruins the mobile display, see screenshots - which means that even to solve this symptom I have to get to the ro...
Anshul, thank you so much for taking the time! So...this worked to address the symptom, but I am hoping you may also have some insight on the underlying problem. The code you had me fix was originally not limited I believe, and it made the heading an...
The container (is that the right name?) constraining the headline and sub-heading (on yada.day)disappeared or expanded for no apparent reason, messing with my stuff again  (see attachment for how it looked before) Help, please! And more generally - ...
Unfortunately I can't use this workaround after all, because it reduces the width of all text in that section to 70%, which is too undesirable for the sub-heading, especially on mobile. Is there no way to use the <br> tag somewhere?
Indeed that did the trick, thank you so much! Out of curiosity...any idea why it disappeared in the first place?
I am trying to add a line break in the main headline on yada.day, between "love" and "without" (see screenshot or link), but without success so far. I would also love to customize the spacing of the headline's lines. I would much appreciate a helping...
After changing the slider bg image in the above-the-fold section of the yada.day home page, the "pre-order now" button in the container of that slider disappeared (see screenshot from before it disappeared). I don't think I accidentally deleted it. I...
Hi Victor,I just tried this on my shop at yada.day, but with no effect. Any idea why it may not have worked?
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