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User Activity is my website. can you tell me where to put it the code?
i tried it................but it doesn't work................................... 
hi, thank you for reply.but, its not working on my side... we want the motion to move smoothly just like this website. ->  
  Is it possible to change the progress bar to animated movement rather than rigid movement by adding cubic-beizer in this code?
can i get the code please ?  
hello can i know how did you manage to add the smart button with  html code from paypal ? 
i found out that you can add a credit and debit card button with paypal develpoer coding ( i got the coding and instructions all in that link. can anyone who knows about coding help me ? i have no ...
I want to implement the method of customers entering their credit card numbers for payment in Korea as well. The payment provider I found doesn't require customers to enter their card numbers on my website; instead, a separate payment site appears wh...
I want to add a terms and conditions agreement box on my creat account page is it possible with coding ? Or is there any free apps that can use for this ?( I only found a few apps but it only works for checkout box. I want it on my create account pag...
hello, my Shopify store is retailed at South Korea. I'm a Korean citizen too. I'm aiming to sell and ship my products to every country if possible. i'm having a hard time understanding how this work, Korean tax rates are 10% so I need to collect 10% ...
Have you figured out a way? If you know it, could you share it with me?
i already have multiple column section.but, this section does not allow buttons and text to be placed in the image. Can you make it possible?
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