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In the product details, scroll down to the "Inventory" section. You'll see an option labeled "Product availability." By default, it is set to "Online store" and "Point of sale." To remove the product from the main "Products" section, you can uncheck ...
To add multiple 'rich-text' sections, you can use the following Liquid code for each section:{% section 'rich-text' %}Copy and paste this code for each 'rich-text' section you want to add. For example:{% section 'rich-text' %} {% section 'rich-text' ...
Modify the YouTube embed code to make it dynamic by replacing the src attribute with a placeholder that you can update daily. For example<iframe id="youtube-embed" width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" ...
Find the section of the template that displays the purchase button. This may vary depending on your theme, but it's often within a form block or something similar. You'll need to add Liquid code to check if the product is sold out and conditionally h...
Hi,This will be issue in code of pagination file in theme. Due to that its showing like this.
Utilize a CDN to distribute your assets across multiple servers globally. This reduces latency and improves loading times for visitors from different geographical locations. Apply lazy loading. Compress images
Here's an example of how you could structure the code:<div class="product-image-wrapper"> <img src="{{ product.featured_image | img_url: 'large' }}" alt="{{ product.featured_image.alt }}" class="product-image"> {% if product.available %} ...
Send store url please
Add the following CSS code to target and remove the borders around the paintings and titles. Replace .painting-class and .title-class with the actual CSS classes or selectors you identified./* Remove border from paintings */ .painting-class { bor...
Use this code.button { background-color: #01AA0A; /* You can also adjust other properties like text color, padding, etc. */ }
Hi,they can be powerful solutions for automating various tasks, including syncing data between different platforms. You can use Zapier or Integromat to create custom workflows that sync product data from your Shopify store to your Google Business Pro...
There are several third-party Shopify apps available that offer advanced discounting and promotion features. Some of these apps might provide the ability to apply a discount to regular priced items in the cart if a specific product (your membership p...
Use this code{% for field in product.metafields.spec %} {% if field.last %} <p> <b><label>{{ field.first }}: </label></b> <span>{{ field.last }}</span> </p> {% endif %} {% endfor %}
Instead of using standard form submissions, modify the code to use AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to handle variant changes. This way, the page won't refresh, and the customer won't be scrolled to the top. Here's a general outline: a. Find th...
Log in to your domain registrar's account and locate the domain you want to connect to Shopify. Look for settings related to DNS, nameservers, or domain management. and change namservers
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