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Hi guys whenever i run `npm run dev` which runs `shopify app dev --theme 147683279158` my build configuration urls get reset to dummy values, please how can I avoid that? Now you must be asking why I am running `shopify app dev --theme 147683279158` ...
Thank you, i was able to solve cause you pointed me in the right direction
Yeah, i rasied the issue in thier github repo and a maintener provided a fix.Check this: Github Issue Fix 
Hi guys.So I just submitted my newly created app extension on Shopify app store and they responded with a rejection email saying:"Your primary app listing has 1 issues to fix before you can submit your app for reviewApp must be served over HTTPS.Your...
@Neli2404 was that all you did ?, I updated the Shopify CLI globally and also updated it in the package.json  file to version 3.52.0 but I'm still getting the same error. I also updated the "@shopify/app" package to version 3.52.0 but I'm still getti...
Hi there, I'm developing a Shopify app extension and I have edited my code numerous times and deployed but recently I tried running my code locally with "npm run dev" in the "CLI", it starts up the dev environment successfully but when it gets to the...
Hello everyone, I'm currently exploring a concept that involves interaction with Shopify stores through a third-party Web application. The app would display a list of products that have been flagged by users from various Shopify stores. I'm trying to...
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