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I thought we were good and I tried doing it myself but I don't know how you fund out what the buttons are called, can we change this to purple as well, thank you blessings.
Can we do the same for the product page buttons? Do we know what they are called?
I though we had it but the text is just purple not the whole button
Awesome!! Thanks so much! I have one more question for you friend, is there any way to make the cart checkout button my purple? Thank you! 
Can this variant picker be changed to appear like the one on my main home page? And also the button is white on this.. the same thing happens for all my products. My checkout button is also white, can that be purple? There should honestly be a way to...
I fixed the white header at the top left just to update you 
Anyway, you could make the buttons purple, the purple that I use for the other buttons, the RGB should be this: 164, 34, 234. And there is now headers (that was my bad coding) on the top left of the pages
That's some good progress, thank you! Unfortunately, the total and quantity aren't showing up as well as some T-shirt titles and heading what should I do there? 
The cart page can't be edited with color themes I guess and I can't code how would I change the text from black to white? As you can see the image below I inspected it to see how I could change that but how would I do it without changing the rest of ...
Also my shop checkout text must all be black as well... tried changing the button code color doesn't work fully 
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