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hey @tsdesire What's your store url? and which theme are you using? 
Hey @DwayneA ,Looks like you have added that from your theme customizer. Please go to theme customization and scroll down to the footer and somewhere there you have added a black for it so remove it from there then i will disappear. Hope it wil help....
send me a private message with your store url
where is the highlighted image? maybe you forgot to attachment 
I don't think you can do those from your theme option. Each theme offers a different features. if you need further help please send me a private message. Thank you
Follow my entire comment and try to understand the system. 
hey @EmilyLoftman Follow my method. it will work. Thanks 
Hey @Valeria99 ,Do you want to show the image or a side right? like half of the screen from the left?What's your store URL? I will take a look.Regards,Nafiul 
Hey @bayspeed ,Without solid programming skill mainly CSS you won't able to fix it and it will take more than 1 hours for a professional that i can't guide you here. We might help you if you send me a private message to me. Regards,Nafiul
Hey Boliye,If you are not very good at JavaScript and AJAX then you won't able to make it happen and this is not something easy things to do that i can guide you. I would suggest you to hire a professional for that. You can message us as well. We can...
Hey @francoiscivil which theme you are using?Also, if you don't have any programming knowledge then you won't able to make it happen but if you need our help feel free to send me a private message. Regards,Nafiul
Hey Emily,The problem is for your current theme you are using different page templates for your pages like Sustainability, Our Factories, etc and In the current theme default template you have set FIT GUIDE that is showing for all the pages. To resol...
Hey @GlowRope I have sent you an access request for your store. Please approve that i will fix it for you. Thanks
Hey @GlowRope ,Please go to edit code theme Online Store> Themes> Edit Code> then find the file called "base.css" and click it to open. Scroll at the bottom then copy and paste my code. I hope it helps. Thanks Nafiul 
Hey @Zzzzz1 ,It's possible to do but it's require coding skill. So I Prefer to hire a developer. You can contact me as well.Thank youNafiul
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