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Hi @arraynex I've been Tried this several Times but after I tried it can not be save and there are an error message 
Hi everyone  Does Anyone Know How to make the Slider banner screen smaller on mobile version ?This is the sample and I want to get rid the red rectangle website : : no pass Theme : Empire Thank you   
I have recently try Magenative Mobile app and I have difficulities setting up the the Mobile app details The Price number on Shopify is not the same as on the Mobile app sample : shopify : IDR 1.000.000Mobile app : IDR 1.000.000,00 I dont want the " ...
Hi everyone   I am having a problem with the Logo List in the mobile version The Logo List is not in the same line How can I fix this ???Url : Theme : Empire 9.1  
Already solved by my self, Thank you for your neat
hi @PageFly-Henry Can You help me out again with this please ?
Hi guys Do you guys can help me out with the error message on my Article menu ? : Empire No pass Thank you guys
 HI everyone Just Got an email from Google Console says Page indexing issues detectedCan Anyone Help me with a solution ??here is the sample
Dear henry  I Tried To Put the code in But after I put The code in The Main banner on top is getting smaller  like in the Photos below  
I just try to modified a little bit Now became like this 
i guys   Does anybody can advice me how to adjust the spacing margin between Testimonial --- Logo List ---- Empire 9.1.1No pass 
Hi moeed I am having a trouble with the code yesterday for the mobile version now the appearance is like this I have tried to fixed all the image size but Nothing happen 
I tried to Fix it but unfortunately the message is getting longer I think I did some mistaken ???
Hi Juan  I saw there is something wierd after puting the html in I saw there is like a code appear at the bottom of the mobile version 
@dbuglab is it Possible if we can eliminate some text 
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