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Hi. I have a rich txt section which I use to add a button on my home page. Since I have buttons on my banner I don't want it to show on Desktop -- but I do want it to show on Mobile -- Looking for a way to make this happen -- Thanks!!
Be sure to post this code into the assets --- section.image.banner.css at the bottom. Then it works. 
I have the idea to take your code and paste it inside assets > Section.image.banner at the bottom and it worked!! Thanks. 
Hi. Just replaced old code with this. It doesn't work on my iphone, I still see the buttons. Have you looked on your phone? Do you see them on mobile? Thanks for your help. 
I'm on an Iphone 13Pro . I also checked on a friends older iphone both show the buttons. 
I tried this, it also works on the shopify site, but not on my iphone. It still shows on my phone?? 
Hi. This is the same. In the shopify dashboard in mobile view, it's not there, yet on my phone it's still there. Did you see it on your phone? Thanks. 
Hello, Thanks for the super fast response. I added that code at the bottom of base.css  -- in the Shopify editor it shows that the buttons are gone, but on my Iphone they still appear. I cleared the cache on my ipone, can you have a look and see if y...
Hello, I am trying to remove the image banner buttons from the mobile site. They are in a good position on Desktop,but on mobile they come before the image. Looking for help to remove from mobile. Thanks! Here's my site so you can look www.maderadesi...
I tried this, having the same problem and it didn't work for me. Any other ideas? Thanks. 
Hi. Did you find a fix for this, I have the same problem. Thanks.
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