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I actually do both optionsI have downloaded your app but some functions don't seem to suit.  Especially the pricing structure I don't want to have to set a base price and then increase the other variants and it being visable to the customer
@EasifyApps-Zoe Is some instances I need 4 options as well.  I am a fabric printing business so I will give a few examples below.  A big factor is I need the Variant to have a specific picture loaded to each as it reflect the scale size printed EXAMP...
Thank you I will keep an eye out and hopefully sooner rather than later
This app seemed like it would work but as I need the picture to show beside the relevant selection i can't justify the cost per monthI'll keep looking
The Shopify 100 variant limit is really affecting me to the point I may need to look for another platform I need to increase the colour options available.  I attached a screenshot to show what I mean  How can I do this?   
Have shared access for you
are you able to explain how I can do this?
I created by header menus.  The one highlighted in the picture then has sub menu'sI am unable to click on any of the menus that pop up in this box as it disappears.Seems to be breaking issueIs this fixable with the Debut Theme?  Please tell me it is ...
Hi, I am looking for an app for Quantity Price Breaks but I don't want it showing on the page/product they are buying Its not to sell more as such.. For example I am a fabric supply business.  I currently sell in 1m increments. I have had requests to...
I don't think it is available from the storeI have sent an email
Suitup v1.0.0 premium is the theme installed.  The person that installed it hasn't completed all the work and now I am stuck
I have changed to a Premium ThemeSince this change when I go into the Navigation and update my Main menu to show in the header it doesn't showThe header is completely different and I am unable to work out how to fix thisI am in need of help as my Web...
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