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I have a Checkout UI extension and a Payment App, the idea is to add the capability of my button, inside Checkout UI extension to handle the payment request to my payment endpoint. Is there any documentation where I can find the entire flow behind th...
I have a Checkout UI extension that is a button. I would like to redirect the user to a specific URL after the user press this button.  Is there a way to do it inside the Checkout UI extension + Remix? Any example?
What do you mean by coding method? Do you have any example that could send to me? I don't have a problem if need to code something, I would like to have a clear way of how I can do it. 
Is there a way to do a specific customization over the checkout value section with a Checkout UI Extension? I have a third-party payment app and would like to use the Checkout UI extension to apply a discount label when select a specific payment meth...
Is there a way to handle custom discount only when select my specific payment method? Any suggestion about how to handle it? Using Shopify Functions API + Discount API works? Any reference that I can follow on it?
I'm integrating a new Payment App to Shopify. While on the payment request flow, In Brazil, this Tax ID number are unique and required, called CPF (or CNPJ for companies). I would like to get the customer payload object and add this information that ...
I'm integrating a new offsite payment provider to Shopify and I have some little doubts about the onboarding and other stuffs related to my App. Do I need to obligatory have an embedded app/App Bridge related UI to my App? Can I have a payment app wi...
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