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Stesso problema, non c'è modo di risolvere.Qualcuno è riuscito?
Hi,sure i want test the new app.Best regardsEdoardo
HI,I'm sorry to contradict you, but after dozens of attempts, and assistance from Facebook support too, I had to proceed by configuring the key in the DNS.There was no other way, my domain was not certified. Obviously I'm not talking about edmodecor....
I'm very unlucky.The file cannot be placed in the root.My DNS asks me for the name, it doesn't accept "@". I tried various words but the test fails.I put the tag in theme.liquid. I inserted it in different places. but the problem is that the closing ...
I have been carrying out this procedure with Facebook support for days.I copy the tag into the "theme.liquid" page. SaveBut on the home page the tag loses the " />" characters and the closing tag becomes ">".In this way Facebook does not recognize th...
I have the same problem and Facebook support has been making me add and remove the tag in the "theme.liquid" file for days, but it doesn't work.
Solutions for multilingual email?
Ciao, ho lo stesso problema e non sto trovando una soluzione.
Hi Lucy,I have a similar need. the emails I send via marketing automation (e.g. abandoned cart) must be able to be sent in two languages.I tried checking the "" field but I'm not clear how to run the test.Are there any apps or other ...
Salve,ho la stessa esigenza, che i prodotti nelle pagine appaiano casualmente presi dal catalogo.Ad esempio in home page nella sezione "Griglia di Promozione" se inserisco 2 "announce your product" devo indicare il prodotto e sarà sempre lo stesso.Vo...
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