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Hi, I use the Prestige theme and want to modify the code of the slideshow to have two indepedent slideshows next to each other. How can I archieve this?Best regards
Edit: I found something in "main-list-collections.liquid":I changed the censored blue bit to my desired page, but the button still gets me back to home.
Hi, when a collection is empty, a button appears to go back to home. I want this button not to go home, but to go to a specific webpage. How can I do that? When inspecting the button with chrome it shows the following: Any help?
Hi,instead of having a button for the shopping cart and one for the account page I'd like to have the account page integrated in the shopping cart like apple does on their homepage (see picture). Does not have to be exactly like this!  How can I arch...
I wrote you a message
Hi, thanks for your reply.Unfortunately the Prestige theme does not offer the option to add an Image block.I've attached you the available options. 
Hi,I want to have the mega menu blocks sorted vertically (picture attached).I tried usingflex-direction: column;in theme.css (.MegaMenu and/or .MegaMenu__Inner etc.). But it didn't change anything. Still all horizontal.Can anyone help?
Hello,I have a site with a collection page added.The collection is empty / has to articles in it and shopify shows a button to go back.  I have changed the text of the button to "contact us" and want to change the link of the button too. Instead of g...
Hi, I want to add payment buttons (like in the footer) but below the checkout button on the product page.How can I do this in Prestige theme?Best regards
Hi,I want to change the URL where the empty button redirects you on the collection page.I use the Prestige theme. How can I do that?Best regards
Hello, doesn't change anything.
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