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Thank you for your response, I think the image that you provided illustrates how it behaves on the single Product Discount FunctionMy question is a bit different, how do they  behave if there are two Product Discount Functions in a storeIn my case, o...
I have two applications on my store and both of them have their own Product Discount Function to give discounts to cart line itemsBut only one of them is workingIs that actual behavior or all of the applications' Production Discount Functions should ...
How can I retrieve all applied discounts in the cart page?I mean, if a user applied discount codes at the checkout and returned to the cart page, how can I know which code the user applied
How to get bundled product inner (linked) products to show in the Cart Drawer as Shopify does in Checkout (see provided image)Can I get these inner products with Ajax API or Storefront GraphQL?  
Scenario Overview:The cart has a product with a variant ID (e.g., 4324324432).This product has been added to the cart manually from the Product Display Page (PDP).Problem:I am attempting to programmatically add the same product (variant ID = 43243244...
How can I get a list of automatic and manual currency conversion lists (or market-related currency lists) by Shopify Admin API?
I need currency conversion rates to show in Shopify admin. Is there any way of getting them by using Shopify Admin API?Also, how can I get manual currency rates by Shopify Admin API?
Thank you for your response, Yes I know how to check, I mean I should check this programmaticallyI just wanted to show the message if it's not installed (because of UI/UX improvement), for example If I show the message always they may think that `I s...
Hello.I have a Checkout UI extension, how can I check whether it has been installed on the Checkout page from the admin? For example: If not installed, I should show a message like: "Please enable the Checkout extension first"
Hello, Can we give the different automatic product discounts on the same variant? but have a bit different line item properties so they are 2 line items The Product discount extension function is returning the response correctly, but when I check the...
Thank you for your response.It would be great If there is control over Shopify Validation Functions execution order (I mentioned the use case in the question)
Hello.Is there any execution order of Shopify validation functions?I am using both `Product Discount Validation` and `Cart and Checkout Validation` function extensionsBut sometimes `Cart and Checkout Validation` is running initially, sometimes `Produ...
Can I get storefront theme settings in theme app extension and restyle the extension based on theme settings?As you know, Themes differs from each other with branch colors, borders and others. So how can I access to such settings to style our theme a...
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