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Dear Shopify staff @Mani_Fazeli @Don I am really sorry for you, that you still don't get it. We just want the option to choose between onepage or 3-page checkout. That's it. Nothing less, nothing more. Thank you
This is ridiculous what Shopify says. We are their customers and we noticed this problem. Shopify shouldn't convince us that we are not right... They should listen to us. We do not pay only 30$ per month, but we also use Shopify payments so they earn...
Hi @Don  , could you report our issues with the one-page checkout to Shopify? If Shopify can't give us an option to choose between both of them, then a lot of merchants will leave Shopify and go to another platform...
Signing, my completed checkout rate decreased very very much. Now only 50% of checkouts are completed. Before it was about 80%. 
be happy, the one-page checkout will decrease your conversion rate. Very bad step of Shopify. We want 3-page checkout back!!!
Hi, one year later. Still not available? Since the introducing of onepage checkout my conversion rate decreased very much. I think changing the payments order would definitely increase my conversion rate. Please advise
Same issue here. My conversion % decreased much ... I am not satisfied with the one-page checkout. A lot of abandoned checkouts, while the customers think they placed an order..Example : 30 add to cart, 28 reached checkout, only 10 orders placed... B...
Any update? Same problem here with Debute theme. It started a few days ago , IOSS and Mac. Any idea which app causes this problem...
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