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Hmm, Thanks for chiming in Webwondersco.I created a metafield but it still isn't an option to add on to the Landing Page "Featured Products" Section
The Metafield will show up even on the Landing Page?How do I manage that?By coding it in?
Hi!As stated on the title... I'm struggling to add text under my only 3 products on my home page. I know it has to be coded in, but I'm not sure where to start. I've gone to product-price.liquid and product-description.liquid, but I can't figure out ...
Thanks Paul,You nailed it, I just need to look at the anatomy of the code and try to figure out how to implement it properly. Was looking for guidance, appreciate the post
I'm using the broadcast theme. I want to create a video carousel (slider) on the "custom content" section. The "Featured Product" Section does this automatically and I haven't been able to pin down exactly how it's done. Can anyone help me take a cra...
Hi! I've been trying to understand how to make a list or even add more text sub-section on Dawn. But I'm having a hard time. All I wanted to do is create a simple Date & Hours section. Here is the Website: https://xeqfaov5fmchmnm5-64146735344.shopify...
Hi hoping I can get some help with this custom FAQ section.Not sure why sometimes doesn't open all the way.Any help is appreciated.https://gentebeauty.com.br/pages/perguntas-frequentes
Hey AHTSEO, Thanks for your input.I actually have an existing Domain, but I wanted to add a Subdomain.I tried following Shopify's directions to set it up, but I ran into an issue in GoDaddy and was wondering if anyone had this issue or if I'm doing s...
Hi! I've been trying to figure out how to set up a second website using a subdomain but I feel like I keep hitting a wall.Can anyone help point me in the right direction? I tried setting it up manually using GoDaddy, but when I went to do it GoDaddy ...
Hi! Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.If I have a shipping center in Brasil and are ready to sell in Brasil.How would I set up Shipping & Delivery there?I read that I need to collect a CPF number as well, how does that work? Any guid...
Yep!Thats super helpful.Thank you. Follow up... is there a link you can share to how I can set up this multiple subdomain with two different Shopify stores?
Hi,I'm sure this has been answered... but I couldn't find the right thread. I need to have two different stores for two different countries.Markets won't cut it unfortunately. How do I set up these two stores that are essentially the same, but under ...
Awesome!Contacting support help now.Thanks
Thank you Imogen,I believe this is the exact answer I was looking for.Just to clarify... It is possible to ship items from two different locations while using market correct?What I mean by this is that on one store I ship from USwhile on the other st...
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