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You are a life saver ! thanks a lot ! I spent hours yesterday haha
Hello all, I have a small issue with the continue to shopping button when cart is empty (after deleting all items in cart)Basically, is not centered and it moves when scrolling  website : www.hintofhappiness.compassword : seiyud Any help is greatly ...
Yes, sorry ! www.hintofhappiness.compassword : seiyud Thanks in advance !
Hello all, Hope you are doing well ! I'm trying to change the orange/brown color below as well as deleting the border on the sides :   I tried modifying the below code with a color I like  <meta name="theme-color" content=""> in theme.liquid It works...
Hi Richard, Many thanks ! it did solve the outline border so I will combine it with the one I have and it will be perfect ! Thanks a lot !! Karla
forgot to mention : website : www.hintofhappiness.compassword : seiyud Thanks !
Hello all, Happy Sunday! I'm trying to get round corners in the country/region box but somehow I only managed to get the inside rounded but the black outline remains square. I used the following codes in several elements and it doesn't work: border-r...
Thank you !
I was checking my code again, and then I saw I had a similar code already on top of my page ! so I decreased the px and it works ! Thanks a lot ! have a great day !
Hi Henry, Unfortunately, it does not work 
Hi, Yes, sorry it's the collections page on mobile. I would like to reduce the white gap in between them so the images can be bigger. Thanks for your help! 
Hello all, I've been trying to reduce the blank space in between product images on mobile unsuccessfully.I have the following code and I've been trying to increase/decrease px but it just modifies the size of the images but not the gap in between the...
Hi everyone, Hope you are doing well ! I have 2 small questions and I hope you can help me. - I have added breadcrumbs to my website but I would like to replace "home" by the home icon. Any idea how I can achieve that ? - I would like to adjust the s...
of course, let's see if someone else knows 
This worked perfectly ! Thanks a lot ! Do you also know about my second question by any chance ? thanks again !
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