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Hi Faisal,Thanks for the suggestion. I'm unable to locate the specific code on my header.liquid file. Are there any way i can search easily? Im using macbook 
Hi I would like to add my logo to other pages instead of the home page. Thanks!
Hi  I've created a slideshow on desktop and I would like to do the same for mobile version using the specific mobile images sizes i've created. Thanks!
Thanks Dan, I would like the second image to be used as mobile. Is that possible?
Hi there,I would like to seek help on how can I insert a different image banner for mobile? I've already created the specific mobile version but I dont see any options available. Thanks!
Thanks! but how do i navigate to this code? 
It's the 2 main banner at the home page.
Hi Yashgarg,  Thanks for reaching out. The link is www.kinandskin.com
Hi all,I need help for improving my banner image on my website. They are not in the highest quality I believe and I can't seem to fix it. Please help! Thanks!!
Dawn theme. I've managed to upload to a higher resolution but I'm not if thats considered the max? 
Hi! I cant seem to find the assign widths on the code! Any idea which line is it likely to be at?
Hi all!I downloaded my image banner using Canva with different sizes and format but it still looks low in resolution after uploading to my website even though its Can anyone help with this?? Thanks alot!
Hi there!I'm using the Dawn theme currently.I have 2 different image side by side created using the (Image banner) which I love to include 2 different links so that it would bring the customer to the respective page based on which image they selected...
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