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Thank you! That's a really useful tool and thankful it says that I do not need to pay any tax or duty to ship to the USA from UK. It will help me with setting up out countries too. Thanks for your advice.
Thank you. This is probably not going to be a straight forward answer but how would I go about calculating the import duty and taxes? Is there some kind of online calculator available that I can use? RegardsAiden
Thank you for your detailed response. I really wish their was an easy way to collect and pay taxes and import at checkout. I did consider just stating that anyone ordering from the USA are responsible for paying import duty and taxes if requested. Bu...
Hello I am a UK based seller and just sat up my shop. From past experience I get a lot of interest from USA customers so I would really like to offer international shipping to the USA. How do I ensure that my customer won't be asked to pay any import...
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