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Have you gotten paid yet? My reserve was up Nov. 16th and it's Dec. 7 and I still can't access them. Not sure this is legal as I read more online it seems they do this to many!
Has anyone else had Shopify continue to hold your funds back your Reserve Expiration Date? My account was terminated (still don't know why) back in July 2023 and I was told my funds would be available Nov. 16, 2023. Nov. 16, 2023 I reach back out to ...
Good luck with this and I feel so bad for you with that much held. Mine is only $623.59 and was to be released on Nov. 16th and as of today Dec. 7 it still is not released and nobody from shopify responds and the 24/7 chat tells you to use your ticke...
I had my account suspended and them terminated back in July 2023 and my funds put on reserve until Nov. 16th. In that time I had zero chargebacks or any issues. Still don't even know why my account was terminated as nobody will ever talk to you. Nov....
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