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Thank you so much! I think it's fixed. 
Whenever something is loading on my website the icon first of all shows up in the right corner and always just stays even if the product has loaded. This is for all types of devices. Someone please help me fix this!! Website: 
Hello, I'm using the theme DAWN. And I'm trying to add multiple featured collection sections. Currently I have the Halloween & Best Sellers collection but I'd like to add 2 more of the featured collection section on my website. Also when I move the f...
Hello,I've recently tried adding 2 more featured product collections to the homepage of my website but it just wont show up on my website, does anyone know how I can add 2 more featured product collection to my homepage?Website: finity-case.comThank ...
now it stopped working for desktop too and it doesnt work on ipad or mobile  Im gonna leave the code so you can see.
.product__info-container .price--on-sale .price-item--regular {font-size: 1.6rem !important;}#product-grid > li > div > div > div.card__content > div.card__information > div > div.price.price--on-sale > div > div.price__sale > span:nth-child(2) > s {...
I added this under the code you gave me last time in base.css, and it works for some products but not all and on the home page it makes it different sizes. And on mobile none of the codes work.
Thank you so much!!
Thank you so much, there is just a small problem because when I go to the products page where it showcases all my products, the red color works but it doesn't make it the same size and it doesn't remove " from". Btw thank you so much for your time an...
Thank you, how do I make them both the same size? and how do I do this for the like all products page?
I was wondering how I could change my product price design from, this to thisbut the crossed one red and the red price to just black.
Basically I want my announcement bar to be able to have multiple texts and slide through theme automatically with the given time but I don't know how to add that into my code. It was the dawn theme code but I customized it. Any help is really appreci...
Basically I want my product page to be wider and the image smaller because right now it all looks like centered and on top of each other, it's just not really calming when you look at it.   Any help would be appriciated!
Yes it finally worked, I had to use your and Moeed his code. Thank you!
or do i put it in theme and base?
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