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Didn't seem to make a difference. Note that I put the code onto product-item.liquid.
 If the price is displayed as "0.00," (as shown above) how can I replace it with a text message, such as "Call for Price"?
Hi @PageFly-Richard The code you shared pretty much does the job. But I did notice a slight issue with the margins which resulted in unaligned rows – it seems the misalignment originated from the theme's default margin settings on the CSS. I managed ...
Hi @PageFly-Richard  You're on point with the idea of having 3 collection items within the viewport – that's halfway there! I'm also aiming for the scroller to turn to somewhat of a flex-wrap situation. That is, I have 6 items in each scroller. And I...
Let's continue our conversation in the community. That way, everyone can pitch in and get something out of the discussion. The above is a draft preview for my website. On desktop, I'd like as it is (Reference 01). However on the mobile version, I'd like the collection list to expand below, i.e. 3 items each row.   A...
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