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I am not able to click in some parts of the product slider. You can refer to the below screenshots you will come to know: I am not able to click on any products in between the arrows area. There is z-index problem over here.
Still there is white color border appearing in the outer of the button
I want to change outline button to solid button for add to cart. I am attaching the image below. https://www.swayur.com/collections/all/ I want this button to be changed into solid button with white color font and background as #1967d2 Like this:
I want to hide sold-out products from all over the website but don't remove them from search engines. Give me some appropriate solution for this on a prior basis.
I want to make changes in Add to Cart button hover. Below is the screenshot of regular add to cart button without hoverHere is the screenshot of  the add to cart button whenver we hover on it (the problem over here is that there another border appear...
I want the buttons to be displayed on center left and center right. I hope you have understood?
I want to add display arrows in slideshow Just like the below screenshot my website like is www.swayur.com
See this screenshot in this the Add to Cart button in hover mode is slightly bigger than the regular Add to Cart button. Check deeply.
I want to solve the hover issue in the Add to Cart button. Whenever I'm hovering on the Add to Cart button another border appears. I've been trying to find a solution to this problem for more than a month. www.swayur.com is the link you check out.
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