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If you are using Shopify Payments and are on Advanced plan or above, you can set market specific pricing. Read more here:
Hey all,  I work on cross-border commerce at Shopify and I wanted to acknowledge that this is an issue that we are looking in to.  I do not have an estimated timeline at the moment. If others in this thread have related use cases, feel free to add he...
I work on Global Commerce at Shopify. In which countries are you facing this issue where Shopify is asking for postcodes when it shouldn't?
Hey, I work on global commerce at Shopify. We are looking in to adding support for subfolders for selling internationally. I don't have a timeline to share at the moment. Right now, we support setting up international domains within a single store. E...
It would be too early for me to comment on the specific behaviour here. Weare mindful of the multiple currency payouts use case as we look in tothis.
Hey Lisa,  We are looking at Paypal support for our multi-currency product. For now, you can consider hiding Paypal using Shopify Scripts for your international buyers. We will share an update when we have new information to share on Paypal support. 
Hey, you can ship your products to Canada using Shopify Shipping or other third party shipping apps. Canadian buyers would pay import duties and taxes on delivery. Shopify is working on enabling merchants to pre-collect duties and taxes in checkout. ...
Hey Tom, you do not need to setup a US site to sell in USD. You can keep your store in UK and sell in multiple currencies. If you want to set the base currency of your store to USD, you can also do that while getting paid out in GBP. 
. Can multiple subdomains accept the same currency? All domains are mapped to a country and its primary currency. So, you can have,, etc mapped to Germany, France and Netherlands respectively. They will ...
We should have caught this change of behavior. I will investigate what caused this, and why it was not exposed on changelog. Thanks for reporting a solution here.
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