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Hi there,  I'm building a custom section for my collections, basically it's a type of custom configurator for my clients products where the user will asnwer a few questions of what he needs and they will have a suggestion of products based on his ans...
@Ron-Anderson I'm tired of seeing your replies trying to defend shopify with this lack of basic feature, the fact is it doesn't work PERIOD.If you say Shopify offers the feature of package size, how do you tell what product fits on what box?We have 1...
I don't need another app in my life to make somthing that should be really basic and it should be part of Shopify as all the other ecommerce platforms. Plus we already pay membership to Starshippit for many years, we are not keen to switch to a diffe...
Hey guys, I'm using starshippit to calculate and send products online, but I'm running into a big issues as the calculation is completely wrong and under charging my customers due to lack of product dimensions. Some of my products are quite long and ...
Hard to understand how this is not fixed in Shopify yet, it's such a basic requirement on any e-commerce platform. Hard to understand why Shopify can't just add an extra 3 fields on their product database (H x W x L) next to the weight of the product...
I have free shipping enabled on orders above $100, but I need to disable the option for remote areas in Australia, as shipping can increase considerably. Is there a way to add a list of postcodes that will be allowed free shipping, and anything else ...
That's to add countries, I'd like to be able to ad post codes as mentioned above:Under "Locations", select "Add location group".Enter the zip codes or regions where you want to offer free shipping.
I can't see Locations under my conditions rates.I only have Based on item weight or price. Am I missing something here?
Yeah that seems to be a very hacky way to do it, I wish Shopify actually made something better for this, allow us to either: setup different bank accounts per market, or add sub folders on multi store
This is my biggest problem too, I have a client that is currently set up with woo-commerce using subfolders for the different stores, I'm almost done with the Shopify Plus migration, and speaking to Shopify support you can't have subfolders on multi-...
Hey guys, I need a few more tools on the Rich Text Editor, like be able to embed images and videos, HTML, however on my text editor I have very basic fucntionality. Is there a way to add a few more tools to the rich text editor?Cheers,
I'm trying to create a product FAQ module that allows you to add custom HTML code to your answer so i can inlcude images, so instead of using the richtext format I'm using the liquid format. And to populate the FAQ, i'm using a Metaobject  that has 2...
Hey everyone, I'm working on a video module for my theme, but somehow I can't seem to make the video_url type become a dynamic source to use metafields. Heading works fine, and it's giving me the option of a dynamic field, but Video URL doesn't work....
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