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I like your solution @JustasG.Thanks for letting me know about the limitations.I was really looking to display it dynamically. But it seems complex.
Hi Justas,Thanks for getting back!I'm using the Dawn theme, however, the store is in production now I'm building it.
Hello Shopify Experts,I have two sizes for each product. XL and XL to 3XL.I added them both as option sizes in the product info.I would like to show the text ('this item is out of stock but available for preorder') in product information when the spe...
Hi Shopify community,I see this error every time I save the main product liquid file.Does anybody know how to fix that? 
Hi guys,I have this error in consuleI'm not sure how I got this and how to solve.Any suggestions?
Hi there,I want to add a link to the 'do not sell my personal information' page in policy links. How can I add that? For now, I can only add this to the footer menu
Hi Dan,Thanks for getting back to meThis does not work for me.this both links have the same class and styles in the multicolumn section dawn theme.both have class name 'link' 
Hi Dan,This applies to whole sections, I'm not sure how this will help to create different backgrounds for buttons with the same classes
This is it. Thanks
Hi there, yes I'm familiar with coding.  
Hi guys,I want to change the arrow to a button with text in the dawn theme. This is what I currently have  And this is what I want to achieve  
Hi there,I have a multicolumn section with link labels in Dawn theme. I would like to have different backgrounds for each link. For now, changing the style of one label applies to the other one. Is there a way maybe to change the class name for one o...
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