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Hi there, I was wondering if there was a way to show the variant titles in the predictive search results. For example. Product: T-ShirtVariant Size: S In predictive search, how do I get it to show the size? It just shows the product title and the var...
That's good to know! Thank you! I think I'll wait till the fix comes through in that case. Thank you for your help 
Hi Paul! Thanks for the information. I think the second option will actually work just fine and I can back track and manually tag the older ones. I was thinking of starting this way: - Payment Schedule is Due (this is in the template for sending paym...
Hi Paul! When we send an invoice with payment terms like Net 30 and the invoice still hasn't paid even 30 days after the due date. I want to filter those orders by a tag on the orders page so our accounts receivable team can easily know which are 30 ...
Hi there! Can someone help me configure Flow to tag orders that are past due by 30 days? Thanks!
Hi all, Our customers typically pay with manual payment and so we sent out payment reminders automatically. Many of our customers have different email addresses for their accounts payable teams. Is there a way for me to use Flow to send payment remin...
I don't see a Reply to field when editing notifications - is this something available only on specific Shopify plans?
Hello, Is there any known way to specify a different reply-to address for the different customer notifications? For example a shipping confirmation that is sent from the main email and if the customer replies to this email the reply-t...
Hello, Is there a way to modify the search so that it can pick up bits of words. For example if a product is called ABCDEFG but I search ABC I get the result. If I search CDE (a middle portion of a word) I don't get the result. Any way to correct thi...
This doesn't seem to work. I'm looking to put a metafield in the spot where the product image goes on the product page. Product with image:Product without image:  
Hello! I'm looking for help in displaying a custom metafield that contains text in place of product image when no image is available. I have Dawn theme v12. Thanks!
@PaulNewton, order.metafields.custom.shipping_documents.url doesn't work either. Not sure what else I should try 
Hi Paul, The metafield is one that accepts all file types and is for orders. The objective is that the fulfillment person will have a file specific to that order that needs to be upload.   The file is added to the global files once added to the metaf...
Hi Paul! Thanks for replying. I'm confused about the second paragraph. I switched it to metafield_tag and this is what is what is in the email as the file link: gid://shopify/GenericFile/34842245464362
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