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@Moira This needs to be addressed! Please add a lock icon for all stores urgently. It is true that a favicon "strengthens your brand and adds a polished look". It is also true that its sudden disappearance "weakens your brand and adds a less polished...
@Rick_Ursem @Shay  It's really important to address this. The current situation makes our stores look dubious/unprofessional/defective at the critical point when the customer opens the wallet.
@Rick_Ursem @Shay Definitely a great idea!
@Moira Well, thank you for clarifying this, but it makes the Shopify stores look a tad bit less trusty.
@DavidEKim  The condition needs to use if cart.currency.iso_code, e.g. {% if cart.currency.iso_code  == 'GBP' %} Thank you very much for this!
@Timo_Krause @Gidion @Summer  Open base.css and at the following line at the bottom: #admin-bar-iframe{display:none!important;} That's it. 
@ThePrimeWeb Your suggestion sorted out the issue for Facebook Messenger.  But the issue for WhatsApp was something else: the image that WhatsApp tries to fetch for the link preview must be under 300kB.  Thank you again for your help. 
Thanks! I've changed the code as you suggested, but no change.
When a product page is shared on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, there is no image in the link. However, the image is displayed when I share the link on Facebook on my wall. For example, when I share https://veganwear.shop/products/clover-vegan-t-shi...
Hi @ThePrimeWeb  Thanks for looking into this, here is the link: https://veganwear.shop/products/vegan-af-t-shirt?variant=47376108585258
 I'm trying to get the Color, Size and Quantity selectors on the same line in Dawn 11 theme. Can anyone please help?
Hi @nidhipatel, I'm trying to get the same result and your solution looks great. However, I cannot find the code you specify (<variant-radios class="no-js-hidden"...>) in my main-product.liquid.  This is likely because I'm using a newer version of Da...
I'm trying to get the Color, Size and Quantity selectors on the same line in Dawn 11 theme.I managed to move the colour up using dis.product-form__input {display: inline}, but the Quantity selector appears to be in a different <div> and I don't know ...
Hi @techlyser_web, Thank you for replying so quickly! Your answer is correct but it was not working for me when I posted because...I had placed the style for the :checked state above the style for :hover.   
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