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I am hoping to do the same thing and using Dawn. I found where you have this code and mine just had class="text-area field__input  and I just added required but it didn't seem to work
I'm using Dawn theme and I did not see cart-template.liquid or cart.liquid when I went to edit code. But I do have cart-drawer.liquid, so I attempted to place the code here even though there was also no </form>  only {%- render 'cart-drawer' -%}Is th...
I exported this theme from another account and uploaded it to this new account, does that make any difference? The imported theme did not have a index.liquid which I created and then was able to see the homepage and not going to a 404 but still no ab...
Unfortunately that didn't make any changes
I installed a downloaded template, and when I went to customize the homepage is directed to a 404 page. I then went to "Edit Code" and discovered there was no index.liquid so I created it. That then allowed me to view the homepage when in customize m...
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