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Bio: Building something new to help merchants manage excess inventory.

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> While testing, we have noticed that our company IP address has started to show up as blacklisted.How did you discover that your IP address has been blacklisted? If you are receiving an error message when making an API call it would be helpful to ad...
If there's no payment to be collected what would be the purpose of making a billing attempt? My best guess is that the payment provider is blocking this transaction from going through. For example, Stripe enforces a minimum charge of USD $0.50.
> verifying that webhooks were setup correctlyHow did you verify that the webhooks were setup correctly? It would be helpful if posted the code you're using to install the webhook(s).
This part of the forums is intended for partners who are building fulfillment and inventory applications for Shopify. For questions around sourcing products I'd suggest the Wholesale & Dropshipping Shopify forum:
Are you looking for an app that would download an inventory feed via FTP and automatically update your Shopify store based on that feed? Or are you looking for an app that exports data from Shopify and uploads it via FTP?
I believe the equivalent on GraphQL is to request the Order.transactions object from an order query.
You probably need to update your URL to explicitly include an API version, see this post for more details:
There's nothing from Shopify's end that's going to tell what app is currently running. I'd suggest using the client id (a stable, public identifier unique to each app) as the unique identifier for the running app. The key (or secret) should not be us...
I think you need to follow the process described here: Since you didn't originally transfer the store the process for getting it to show up in your Partner dashboard is go...
In the case of CarrierService you only need to verify the HMAC signature which is available via a helper method in shopify-api-js' utils. Any request that doesn't verify you would deny since it wouldn't be a genuine Shopify request.
The tokens used to access the Storefront API are different from the ones you use for the Admin API (which is the token you get when a Store installs your app). You can find the details on how to get started with the Storefront API and where to get th...
Your Shopify App install path can't be predicated on being logged into an external service. Your app needs to be installable by going to https://{APP_URL}?, if that's not possible then you will be rejected.
> Do I need to obligatory have an embedded app/App Bridge related UI to my App? Can I have a payment app without it?Yes, you can have a payment app without an embedded app or App Bridge UI. > The redirect that we need to do after merchant finish thei...
Can you share more details on the request you're making and the response you got back?
I'd suggest reading through Shopify's Developer Docs on Fulfillment to figure out which type of app best suits your needs. Without knowing more details about your situation it's hard to provide more specific guidance as "fulfillment" can mean many di...
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