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Oh man… thanks a bunch Tim....really appreciate your help. I totally didn’t see that.Yes the css columns is lovely and simple, it’s worth doing… just the ordering of items gets weird.Thanks so much for your time mate. 
hi, Ive got a page where images / details are entered via the customiser, and the page displays the content in a masonry layout. masonry is done with js (Colcade by desandro). I rea...
nice Adam, thanks for sharing 
Im looking for a assistance to enable recaptcha on our embedded Klaviyo form. works with internal shopify forms of course.... but not with this Klaviyo one.) Klaviyo has told me:The setup of G...
Are you referring to the standard functionality of when the browser width exceeds a certain point, the customizer options appear on the right? if so, you could reduce the width of your browser to snap it back to the left. 
Thanks for getting back to me, i was hoping to find a solution outside of an app. But appreciate the info:)
Our store is based in Australia, when a customer selects a currency other than AUD, we want certain product variants to be hidden on the product detail page.(ie in Shop Art / Prints / All Prints / Select any productFrom Material drop down, hide varia...
Dan, why is this, how is the that part of code problematic?thanks alot
Thanks a mil Dan, much appreciate your help
On the homepage I want to set the total size of the hero (slideshow) and header to 90%vh. When i inspect the page in chrome, I see the below style, which after adjusting "calc(100svh..." to calc(90svh..." the page renders correctly with a 90%vh. @sup...
Hi Ellen, did you ever get this sorted in Broadcast?Thx
Hi Blair, im having similar difficulties, after repointing the domain, the site is intermittently online - then offline for the past day. Re Shopify instructions re the A Record, to "change the Host name to the @ symbol", my domain registrar does not...
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