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I should also add that the payload does show up correctly in the page inspect's console, on both firefox and chrome
I'm trying to pass data from the frontend to a webhook using fetch's body payload. (If there is a better or more consistent way of doing this pleas let me know.) But whenever I check the requests body, it lacks any sort of body. The fetch is called o...
I forgot the "await" before the client.query for the GET function, and my GET was incorrect. Here is the a working query to get metaobjects in Node.js, since the documentation doesn't have an example for this.const data = await client.query({ d...
If anyone has any advice whatsoever I'd greatly appreciate it.
I'm new to Graphql and Shopify, and I would like to store data as metaobjects. I have a return_orders object that is structured as followedand defined in the following   const DEFINE_MUTATION=`mutation CreateMetaobjectDefinition($definition: Metaobje...
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