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When trying to load my website checkout on iPhone safari it isn’t loading correctly and I’m not even sure what it is trying to load here. It is the same on iPad, on other browsers on the iPhone and iPad including Firefox and chrome. Any suggestions p...
Hiya,This has worked for me perfectly, but how do I then centre my collections? The smaller I make the collection images the more it's putting them to the left side of the screen.Thanks!
I purchased a theme called TMart, and I am wanting to stop the theme allowing it to show the Quick View, Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist when someone hovers over a product image in the catergories.The theme is not yet live, this is my preview:https://iw...
Ah ok thanks ever so much for the prompt response! I don't think this will word for me. I am selling Bracelets with backing cards and just want the customer to be able to select the Title/Name they want on the card
I've just tried this way, but it's not allowing me to track inventory on the item. It's just set to 'No' and I can't change it, any ideas please?
Hiya,Unfortunately this did not work and the Add to cart option is still appearing.
I have purchased the tmart theme from a third party and I am wanting to remove the option for customers to 'add to cart'. This is my store preview, if you click all products and hover over an item you will see the 'Add to Cart' appear.https://817nshx...
This is my website in case it’s a code issue and not a shopify issue 
My live view is just blank since yesterday evening, on my Desktop, mobile and iPad? The visitors part is displaying correct but if I click See live View it is just a blank page?Is anyone else’s like this please?
I will publish this theme for a moment so you can see it. Please let me know when you've viewed it so I can unpublish it back to my old theme until I resolve some issues. Thanks
I am trying to get the Menu Bar on my website to go the full width of the screen on a desktop. Can anyone help please?
How did you fix this please ?I've got the same issue now, on the desktop the top of the slideshow is cut off
Hiya Marina,This worked for me, however my menu bar is not fully across the page. It has a white section either side, which part of the code do I need to edit to fix this please? Thanks
I have used the new code, and disabled my app to allow a text box on the product page and it is still displaying like this?
I am trying to use the above updated code but my description isn't appearing directly under my product images. However, I believe this may be because I am using an app called Easify Product options, to allow me to offer a text box on my product page....
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