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Thank you Anthony - that worked. And for the 2nd issue, I believe my former web dev went back in and helped fix the visibility issues just as you replied!  
This worked perfectly, thank you for even replying so no worries at all! I have a few more small issues if you will, one of which I think I can resolve in the Shopify editor when I have a sec to go back in later tonight, and then I think I'm close to...
Two more issues related to centering now (on mobile). I'm trying to edit directly in the custom CSS box within the editor to no avail: "Listen Now" now is off to the left within the box when it should be completely centered. Social icons on the botto...
Thank you so much Anthony, that worked perfectly!
Hey thank you, sure - PW: youlovethat I've read that putting something into the theme.css.liquid file might help but I can't find that one, all I have is theme.liquid
Hi Shopify Community! I think this is a simple fix but I'm not familiar with coding, super new. On a desktop/browser, the text/spacing is perfectly fine. On mobile, the button text is not wrapped appropriately and the box/text are intertwined. In add...
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