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That's not what I was after but that also looks much better haha, thank you! I was looking to insert the text into the dropdown box. For example, 'type exact span' is in the box itself, rather than above the box. Hope this makes sense. 
Is there a way to move the 'approx span' and 'approx pitch' into the dropdown box in the same way that I've managed to achieve with an app for the other options below?
Perfect, thank you. 
I've managed to make the last link in my header into a button, however, it's also making every last item in the drawers red too. Below is the code I've used to far. Is there a way to make it so it's just the 'quote' that is a button and not the drawe...
For me this also makes the last item in every drawer into a button, whereas I'd like it to be the last parent link only. Any solutions?
Is there a way to display both the price including tax and without on product cards? Possibly by using the 'compare price' but rather than it saying sale, it displays without tax? Thanks in advance. 
Is there a way to show a price range on the collections list page in Dawn please?  
Just added it to Base CSS and worked perfectly. Thank you.
I can't find this in the dawn theme. Would it be under Base CSS?
Would anyone be able to provide the code to make this embedded model full screen and central as opposed to tiny and sat to the left? (Password to store is just 'Password'. Embed code is: <div class="...
I've removed the password, thanks. 
I have a 3D model on Sketchfab that I'll like to embed onto my website, however, once the embed code is pasted in, the model appears too small and all the way to the left. Example can be found at the bottom of this page: https://www.tailormadedesigns...
Is it possible to embed a 3D image on a page that isn't a product page? Can't find a way of doing it at the moment. The 3D image has been uploaded to my files, so it's just ready and waiting. 
Is there an app available that allows you to add a specific variant of a product as a related item? The products we sell will only work with specific variants, so I don't want a customer to be able to select the incorrect variant. 
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